When you start the program, the program displays the Main Menu. The Main Menu contains selections that enable you to get started. The Main Menu, therefore, is the starting point for all operations. It allows you to get into the program when the program loads (getting into the program involves displaying market information).

Once you have displayed market information on the screen, you use application menus to fine tune the information on the screen. Application menus are specific to the window you are working with.

At this point, take a moment to commit a few navigational techniques to memory. When the screen contains no windows, pressing the ` key, or holding down the right mouse key and clicking the left mouse key, displays the Main Menu.

If the screen contains one or more windows, an application menu is displayed when you press the `. (This is not necessarily the case when you use the mouse to display a menu, for the menu displayed when you use the mouse depends on the location of the mouse pointer.) Remember that most application menu contain a Main Menu selection, so you can, in most situations, always get to the Main Menu from an application menu.

If the screen contains one or more windows and you want to display the Main Menu, you can also use the q + ` keystroke. This keystroke requires that you hold the q key down and press `. q + ` bypasses the application menu and takes you directly to the Main Menu.

To display the Main Menu using the mouse, place the mouse pointer on the screen background. (The screen background is is blue with black grid lines.) When the mouse pointer is on top of the screen background, click both keys. (For more information on clicking both keys, please read Clicking Both Keys.)

If the screen is completely covered with windows so that you cannot see the screen background, place the mouse pointer in one of the windows and click both keys. This displays an application menu. (For more information on application menus, please read Application Menus.) When the application menu appears, select Main Menu.