Macros and Wildcards

Aspen Systems enables you to use option macros and wildcards to display option symbols when you are not sure about the expiration or strike you want. This allows great flexibility in displaying information in quote windows.

If you have used Aspen Systems before, you know that you can use the expansion macro to list symbols, and that you can use the pound sign macro to hold the place of a particular instrument in quote windows, charts, and formulas. The Aspen Systems basic options package enables you to use these macros as wildcards in options symbols. This means you can now create a symbol that will reserve a place on a quote page for a one-strike-in-the-money call or put, or create a symbol that will automatically list strikes. Aspen Systems Options package comes with option pages and windows that contain examples of these macros and wildcards.

The following sections describe the macros and wildcards available in the Options package.


The Option Expansion Macro