Tap the power of Aspen Graphics through quick keystroke commands. What follows is a complete list of Aspen Graphics keyboard commands. Keep this sheet handy for quick reference and learn the commands you use most often.


Command Syntax: Remember to place a period before entering a command. This tells Aspen that you are entering a command, i.e. .SAVE

Truncating Commands: Commands may be truncated as long as the software can recognize the command. For example, .PARAMETERS can be truncated to .PARAM but not .PARA because the software cannot determine which command, .PARAMETERS or .PARABOLIC, is being entered. This reference guide lists the complete command; the abbreviated version is in capital letters and bold faced.

Using Multi-Command Macros: You can assign more than one command to a keystroke by separating commands with semi-colons using the following syntax: <command>;<command>;<command>

Applying command to All Windows on Page: You can apply the same command to all windows on a page by prefixing with the backslash \, or use a double backslash, \\, to apply to all windows across all sessions.

.ALArmDisplays the Alarms menu.
.BookDisplays Portfolio manager.
.ByeExits the Aspen Graphics application.
.ClearRemoves all windows from screen.
.DEFaultRe-scales all axes and applies default bar/candle spacing.
.DELEteDeletes the active window from the screen.
.FastsaveBypasses save diagloue window and saves using existing page name. Note: Use with caution
.FastwsaveBypasses save diagloue window and saves using existing window name. Note: Use with caution
.FORMulaDisplays Formula Manager window.
.KeysDisplays the Main Functions Keys window.
.MaxMaximizes or restores a window to full screen or original size respectively.
.MenuDisplays an active context-sensitive menu.
.MERge <drive>Enables user to merge pages/formulas from another disk or drive location into your Page Manager or Formula Manager.
.MovePrepares the active window to be moved.
.NextShifts application focus to the next available Aspen session.
.PAGesDisplays the Page manager window.
[Page Down Key]Moves content of the window down one-eigth.
[Page Up Key]Moves content of the window up one-eigth.
.PrcvolDisplays Price/Volume window.
.PrintPrints the active window.
.RIghtShifts bars to the right.
.SAVeDisplays the save dialogue window.
.SHOWKeysToggles the function key assignments display on/off.
.Size <n> <n>Sizes window to designated size, where n is the size in pixels.
.Snap on/offTurns on/off background grid snap.
.STATusToggles on/off the system status window.
.SYMBolsDisplays the Symbol Listing window on a Server or Standalone.
.T&SDisplays Time & Sales window.
.WFuncDisplays window function menu.
.WINdowDisplays window manager window.
.WsaveSaves the active window.
.AddlayerAdds a layer to the active chart
.AFTerView data after a date you specify
.BarChanges a chart to bars only.
.Bars On/OffToggles On/Off bar chart when Overlay study is present.
.BEForeView data before a date you specify
.CANDleDisplays a Japanese candlestick chart.
.CenterScales prices vertically using automatic scaling.
.ChartDisplays Window Manager window.
.CleftMoves chart cursor left 1 bar.
.Cleft10Moves chart cursor left 10 bars.
.ContDisplays continuation settings.
.CrightMoves chart cursor right 1 bar.
.Cright10Moves chart cursor right 10 bars.
.Day <n>Converts time base of a chart to daily, optionally add a number to change to that many days as a single bar.
.DChartDisplays a default chart window.
.DellayerDeletes a layer from the active chart.
[Delete Key]Compresses a bar chart´s time scale
[Down Arrow Key]Compresses the price scale.
[End Key] or .EndRemoves the cursor from the active chart window.
.EQTickRenders an equitick bar chart. Syntax is .Equtick, where is the number of ticks.
.HEADerDisplays a chart header.
.HOUrsEnables you to set the time scale on a chart.
[Insert Key]Expands a bar chart´s time scale.
.LeftShifts bars left.
.LinearDisplays bars on a linear price scale
.LocksymbolLocks the symbol on a layered chart.
.LogDisplays bars on a logarithmic price scale.
.MACRoCompresses chart bars to the narrowest extent.
.MICroUncompreses chart bars to the widest extent.
.MONthChanges the time base of the active chart window to a monthly time scale.
.NEXTLayer <n>Moves to next layer on a chart, where is an optional interval in seconds between moving.
.Night On/OffToggles Night Session On or Off.
.Night OnlyTurns Day Session off.
.Nogaps On/OffToggles On/Off removal of gaps from a chart in an active chart window.
.P&FDisplays the Point & Figure dialogue window.
.PARAMetersDisplays a parameters menu.
.PERCentDisplays bars in percent change price scale.
.QUARterChanges the time base of the active chart window to a quarterly time scale of a year.
.REFreshRefreshes the data for the active chart window.
.RightShifts bar right.
.SCAleDisplays the chart scale properties box.
.Shift <n>Shifts the bars on the chart by adding n spaces to the right side.
.SPLitSplits the active chart window.
.TABleDisplays a tabular listing on the instrument in the active chart window.
.TicDisplays a tick chart.
.TRANSparentToggles chart layers transparency on/off.
.UnlocksymbolUnlocks a symbol on a layered chart.
.UNZoomCompresses a bar chart´s time scale.
[Up Arrow Key]Expand price scale.
.WeekChanges the time base of the active chart window to weekly.
.YearChanges the time base of the active chart window to yearly.
.ZoomExpands the time scale.
.%RDisplays William´s %R study.
.AbvDisplays an Average Balance Volume study.
.AccDisplays an Acceleration study.
.AdoDisplays an Accumulation Distribution oscillator.
.AdxDisplays Average Directional Movement Index.
.BBDisplays Bollinger Bands study.
.BomDisplays Bomar Bands study.
.CciDisplays a Commodity Channel Index.
.CvDisplays the Cumulative Volume study.
.DMDisplays a Directional Indicator study.
.DODisplays a Directional Oscillator.
.EnvDisplays Moving Average Envelope study.
.FSTochDisplays a Fast Stochastic study.
.FstudyDisplays Formula Studies menu
.Gaps On/OffBridges gaps in Moving Averages.
.HLoDisplays a Hi/Lo Oscillator.
.HvolDisplays a Historical Volatility study.
.IvolDisplays an Implied Volatility study.
.KELTnerDisplays Keltner Bands study.
.MACDDisplays a MACD study.
.MacdoDisplays a MACD Oscillator study.
.MaoDisplays a Moving Average Oscillator.
.MavDisplays a Moving Average study.
.MAVMomDisplays a Moving Average Momentum Oscillator.
.MbestDisplays a MESA Best Fit overlay.
.MomDisplays a Momentum Oscillator.
.MPhaseDisplays a MESA Phase study.
.MSpectDisplays a MESA Spectrum study.
.MSTOchDisplays a Modified Stochastic study.
.MTrendDisplays a MESA trendline overlay.
.MuserDisplays a MESA User Prediction overlay.
.OBvDisplays an On Balance Volume study.
.OPInDisplays an Open Interest study.
.PARABolicDisplays a Parabolic study.
.RsiDisplays a Relative Strength Index study.
.StudiesDisplays the Studies menu.
.StudyDisplays the Studies menu.
.VadDisplays a Variable Accumulation Distribution study.
.VaoDisplays a Variable Accumulation Oscillator.
.VOLumeDisplays a Volume Study.
"Note: These commands must be executed in Aspen Trendline Mode.
.EditlabOpens the active trendline´s label for editing.
.ExitExits trendline mode.
.ExtendExtends the active trendline.
.GannDraws Gann lines.
.GanngridDraws a defined Gann grid.
.GridoptDisplays the Gann Square Options window.
.HORIZontalPrepares the trendline cursor for drawing a horizontal trendline.
.LdeleteDeletes the active trendline.
.LmovePrepares the active trendline to be moved.
.LinkedPrepares the trendline cursor to draw linked parallel lines.
.MovlabsPrepares the active trendline´s label to be moved.
.ParallelDraws a trendline parallel to the active trendline.
.PcoptsDisplays the Fibonacci options window.
.PforkDisplays a defined Andrews´ Pitchfork.
.PivotPrepares active trendline to be pivoted.
.SpeedDraws Gann Speed lines.
.TOGLabsToggles label status line on and off.
.TogsnapToggles price snap on and off.
.TrendPlaces active chart window in trendline mode.
.TruncTruncates the active trendline.
.AligngridAuto-size column widths on Quote Grids and Quote boards.
.DelallDeletes all codes from a quote window layout. (quote window must be in modify layout mode.)
.DelcellDeletes cell from a quote window layout (quote window must be in modify layout mode.)
.DelgroupDeletes format of a quote window layout (quote window must be in modify layout mode.)
.DQuoteDisplays a default quote window.
.EditcellOpens a cell when a quote page in in Modify Layout Mode.
.FilldnFills cells down when a quote page is in Modify Layout Mode.
.FillrtFills cells right when a quote page is in Modify Layout Mode.
.GridlinesToggles grid lines on or off.
.QEditToggles quote window Modify Layout mode on and off.
.QUOteDisplays Window Manager window.
.AutoAutomatically displays the latest news story
[End Key]Moves the cursor to the bottom of a news window.
[Home Key]Moves the cursor to the top of a news window.
.KeywDisplays news category window.
.NEWsDisplays a News window.
.PstoryPrints the highlighted news story.
.FONtDisplays the Font size menu.
.LARgeRenders lettering in Large font size.
.NORmalRenders lettering in Normal font size.
.SMAllRenders lettering in Small font size.
.TINyRenders lettering in Tiny font size.
.AccessDisplays Aspen Session Access window.
.ASPenetDisplays Session Access window.
.LoginLogs the current user back into the Aspen server.
.LogoutLogs the current user out of the Aspen server.
.ServerDisplays list of Failover servers available at the workstation.
.ANAlogChanges active clock window to an analog clock.
.CLOckDisplays a clock window.
.DIGitalChanges active clock window to a digital clock.
.StickyMakes the active clock window remain on the screen.
.TimezChanges the Aspen system timezone. User must specify which time zone.
.Calc OffMakes formulas update at the end of each period.
.Calc OnMakes formulas update in real-time.
.FORMulaDisplays Formula Manager window.
.Makec1Turns active chart´s future into a continuation chart.
.OEntryToggles on/off the Order Entry system.
.OrderPlaces an order for each instrument on the active chart.
.PortfolioDisplays Portfolio Manager.
.Read <filename>Takes text file as <filename> and runs each command or symbol line by line.
.SymbolsDisplays Symbol List window.