Using Novell's 32-bit NetWare Client 32 for DOS/Windows

The NetWare Client 32 for DOS/Windows has a simple, easy-to-use installation program that will copy all the files you need onto your hard disk and configure your DOS system files to load the network software when your system is booted. Understandably, the installation program is zealous to copy a few more files than what is strictly needed to support only an AspeNet Server. Accordingly, you will need to manually edit two configuration files to remove references to unnecessary software modules and also to modify a few of the remaining parameters.

Unless you have specific needs that cannot be solved except by installing the 32-bit client product, we recommend you use the 16-bit client product instead.

If you must install the 32-bit client, there are two possible installation procedures, depending on how you prepared the product for installation.

Installing from a local hard drive or network drive

Manual installation from Netware Client diskettes