images/cnt1.gifAspen Systems Networking Guide

images/cnt0.gifNetwork Stacks

images/cnt1.gifNetwork Stacks
images/cnt1.gifAspeNet Overview

images/cnt0.gifConceptual Overview

images/cnt1.gifConceptual Overview
images/cnt1.gifWorkstation System Ids
images/cnt1.gifServer System IDs
images/cnt1.gifIPX Isolated Networks

images/cnt0.gifProduct Overview

images/cnt1.gifProduct Overview


images/cnt1.gifNetwork Support for Servers
images/cnt1.gifSoftware Required for TCP/IP
images/cnt1.gifSoftware Required for MCP/IPX
images/cnt1.gifAdditional Software Required for TCP/IP and/or MCP/IPX
images/cnt1.gifChoosing 16-bit or 32-bit Transport Software


images/cnt1.gifSelecting an Installation Procedure
images/cnt1.gifUpgrading an Existing Server to Add TCP/IP Support
images/cnt1.gifDownloading Novell's 16-bit TCP/IP Transport Software
images/cnt1.gifManual Installation of Novell's 16-bit TCP/IP Transport Software
images/cnt1.gifPreparing Network Transport for a New Server
images/cnt1.gifAcquiring Novell Networking Software If You Don't Already Have It
images/cnt1.gifDownloading Novell's 16-bit Netware Client for DOS/Windows
images/cnt1.gifDownloading Novell's 32-bit Netware Client 32 for DOS/Windows
images/cnt1.gifPreparing for Installation from Diskette
images/cnt1.gifPreparing for Installation from a Network Drive or Local Hard Drive
images/cnt1.gifUsing Novell's 16-bit NetWare Client for DOS/Windows
images/cnt1.gifUsing the Netware Client Installation Program
images/cnt1.gifManual Installation from Netware Client Diskettes
images/cnt1.gifUsing Novell's 32-bit NetWare Client 32 for DOS/Windows
images/cnt1.gifInstalling from a local hard drive or network drive
images/cnt1.gifInstalling from Diskettes
images/cnt1.gifCommon Instructions
images/cnt1.gifUsing Novell's LAN WorkPlace 5 for DOS/Windows
images/cnt1.gifManual Installation from LAN Workplace 5 CD-ROM
images/cnt1.gifUsing Novell Software from your Network Hardware Manufacturer
images/cnt1.gifManual Installation Using Software that Came with Your Adapter
images/cnt1.gifConfiguring 16-bit Transport Software for a New Installation
images/cnt1.gifMiscellaneous DOS Configuration Tips for AspeNet Servers
images/cnt1.gifServer Command-line Options for using TCP/IP and/or IPX


images/cnt1.gifNetwork Support for Workstations
images/cnt1.gifSupported Operating Systems and TCP/IP Software
images/cnt1.gifSupported Operating Systems and IPX Software
images/cnt1.gifTCP/IP Software Configuration
images/cnt1.gifIPX Software Configuration
images/cnt1.gifWorkstation Command-line Options for using TCP/IP


images/cnt1.gifServer Support Reference
images/cnt1.gifLayered Implementation of Network Software
images/cnt1.gifCrucial Configuration Relationships
images/cnt1.gifBoard Instances
images/cnt1.gifLogical Boards
images/cnt1.gifAssociating Protocol Stacks with Logical Boards
images/cnt1.gifWorking with the NET.CFG File
images/cnt1.gif16-bit Transport Software Configuration
images/cnt1.gifLink Support Layer
images/cnt1.gifMax Boards
images/cnt1.gifMax Stacks
images/cnt1.gifParameters for Board Instances and Logical Boards
images/cnt1.gifBoard Instance Definitions
images/cnt1.gifLogical Board Definitions
images/cnt1.gifIPX Parameters
images/cnt1.gifIPX Sockets
images/cnt1.gifTCP/IP Parameters
images/cnt1.gif32-bit Transport Software Setup and Configuration
images/cnt1.gifDOS Memory Optimization Tips

images/cnt0.gifRemote Access

images/cnt1.gifRemote Access
images/cnt1.gifBefore You Begin
images/cnt0.gifNT 4.0 Server
images/cnt1.gifInstalling RAS Server on NT 4.0
images/cnt1.gifMake Sure Remote Access (RAS) is Installed
images/cnt1.gifConfigure Remote Access TCP/IP
images/cnt1.gifConfigure the TCP/IP Protocol

images/cnt0.gifNT 3.51 Server

images/cnt1.gifInstalling RAS Server on Windows NT 3.51
images/cnt1.gifMake Sure Remote Access (RAS) is Installed
images/cnt1.gifInstall Remote Access
images/cnt1.gifConfigure Remote Access TCP/IP
images/cnt1.gifVerify Service Activation
images/cnt1.gifConfigure Remote Access

images/cnt0.gifNT 4.0 Client

images/cnt1.gifInstalling RAS Client in Windows NT 4.0

images/cnt0.gifWindows95 Client

images/cnt1.gifInstalling RAS Client in Windows 95
images/cnt1.gifVerify Dial-Up Networking
images/cnt1.gifConfigure Dial-Up Networking
images/cnt1.gifConnect to the RAS Server

images/cnt0.gifNT 3.51 Client

images/cnt1.gifInstalling RAS Client in Windows NT 3.51
images/cnt1.gifConfigure RAS Client to Use TCP/IP
images/cnt1.gifConfigure a Phone Book Entry
images/cnt1.gifConnect to the RAS Server
images/cnt1.gifAspen Workstation Properties on RAS Clients
images/cnt1.gifChecking Properties in Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0
images/cnt1.gifChecking Properties in Windows NT 3.51