Among its many enhancements, the Aspen Systems basic options package makes your quote windows much more robust. In your options package, you will find the following features:

images/bopt200090000.gif Quote codes that display the Greeks used in options evaluation.

images/bopt200090000.gif Quote code extenders, created so you can display information on an underlying instrument, call, or put anywhere in your quote window layout.

images/bopt200090000.gif Quote codes that enable you to set up an options portfolio in a quote window.

images/bopt200090000.gif Editable values that enable you to forecast options performance.

images/bopt200090000.gif Parameters that you can apply at the system, quote window, underlying instrument, or individual option levels.

These aspects of quote window functionality are unique to the Aspen Systems basic options package. Additionally, the basic options package bring changes to existing Aspen Systems quote window functions:

images/bopt200090000.gif Expansion macros can now provide lists of options by strike or month.

images/bopt200090000.gif Pound sign macros enable you to create wildcard symbols, which hold positions for at-the-money options, or options that are two strikes in the money, or three strikes out-of-the-money... In short, just about any option you want can be stated with a wildcard symbol.

To provide you with the information necessary to use this functionality, the following sections explain features in the basic options package quote windows. You will find information in the following order:

images/bopt200090000.gif The Quotes Menu

images/bopt200090000.gif Option Quote Codes

images/bopt200090000.gif Decimal Precision in Quotes

images/bopt200090000.gif Using Quote Code Extenders

images/bopt200090000.gif Adjusting Options Quotes

images/bopt200090000.gif Scope

images/bopt200090000.gif Setting Up an Options Portfolio in a Quote Window

images/bopt200090000.gif Macros and Wildcards