Additional Tools in Aspen Graphics

Aspen Graphics is a comprehensive set of tools to help you make sound trading decisions. Once you have mastered the basic navigational skills of the program, check out these other features:

    Formulas Add your own custom indicators and apply them to charts, quote windows or link them to a spreadsheet.

    Color Rules change the color of your bars, candlesticks or indicators when your specified market criteria are met.

    Alarms set alerts on study values, custom formulas, price, time, volume and other market conditions.

    DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) - Export data from Aspen Graphics into Excel, or create a symbol in Aspen for custom data you have databased in Excel.

    Market Profile and Market Profile Plus (MP+) Use the familiar Market Profile chart to identify patterns in price and volume movement. With Market Profile Plus you can create a basket of instruments and track changes in its net value, having the profile automatically split as new patterns emerge. Available by subscription; contact your Aspen Graphics salesperson.

    Aspen Optionalysis - Options traders require special tools with which to analyze and trade options. Aspens Basic and Advanced Optionalysis are the industry-standard options toolsets, allowing you to do theoretical pricing (what-if scenarios), P&L tracking, risk management, strategy charting and volatility skews. Available by subscription; contact your Aspen Graphics salesperson.

    Studies by Subscription DeMark, MESA and Cynthia Kase are available in Aspen Graphics. Available by subscription; contact your Aspen Graphics salesperson.


Where to Go for Assistance


Our Help Files are the best place to start for help using the software. Select Help on the menubar.


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Our Data Department will correct gaps in the data or spikes created by bad prices, or work with the data provider to resolve data issues. Contact them by clicking here and selecting Report Data Issues.


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