You can customize Aspen quote windows to display a wide variety of data, including study values and the values of your own custom indicators.  It’s easier, however, to start with one of our pre-formatted quote windows or quote pages.


For a quoteboard, select File from the menubar, then select Open Page…, choose the Templates tab and select the page called Quotes.  This is what the quoteboard looks like:




Enter a Symbol     Left-click under the Symbol, type a symbol and press [Enter].




Once you type in a symbol and press the [Enter] key, the symbol entry box will move down to the next row.

Sometimes it’s preferable to skip a line when entering symbol, as when you want a visual break between different commodities.


You can press the down arrow on your keyboard to skip a row, or press the [Enter] key again.
Tip!       Use the # and @ Macros to make your charts and quote pages maintenance-free!

The advantage of using macros over the full contract symbols is that
macros automatically rollover at expiration; specific symbols do not.


symbol root # specifies a particular contract month


·        CL# will always show front (prompt) month of NYMEX crude oil; rollover is at expiration.

·        CL#1 will show the first month out of crude oil

symbol root@ returns all currently trading contracts


·        CL@ will show all crude oil contracts currently trading.

·        CL@12 will show the front 12 months of crude oil

              (i.e. a “rolling” 12 months)


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